Phool Power: Goa Trance and the New Nomads

SILO entertainment

Goa Trance collage image, large party set in a psychodelic hillside with palm trees and a giant Buddha head floating amongst clouds in the center - image created by Sean McFarland

Phool Power: Goa Trance and the New Nomads is a feature length documentary that takes an intimate look at the music, drugs, people and technology that are making Goa Trance one of the most fascinating social movements of our times. Filmed against the gorgeous backdrop of tropical ex-Portuguese India, Phool Power profiles a unique group of intelligent, articulate Goa dropouts, and presents never-before seen footage of what’s going on in the secretive world of Goa Trance.

  • Running time: 95 minutes
  • Format: 16mm / 24 fps Panasonic Broadcast Digital Video
  • Genre: Feature Documentary
  • Original language: English
  • Demographic: Global Festival / Theatrical / Television / DVD / Home Video
  • Status: In Development