Born Into Sin

SILO entertainment / Unity Pictures Group

Cultural Connections

Born Into Sin is a feature film set in the surreal world of the near future, where life is dying. Society has crumbled, nature is a memory, and the sun is hidden by layers of pollution and towering manmade monstrosities. Cast in perpetual darkness, the cities have become garbage dumps of the human race while violence and desperation seem to rule the day.

A highly addictive drug called ESSENCE has flooded the streets causing chaos. Everyone is effected, even our hero. NOMAN is a hit man that has given up on life. Deeply hurt from his past he refuses to remember anything that went on before. For him only the moment matters. Only the moment when he can get his next fix. He cares for nothing - not himself - not for anyone.

* Also being developed as a TV series.

  • Running time: 110 minutes
  • Format: Redcode RAW with CGI and Dolby Sound
  • Genre: Action Triller Feature
  • Original language: English
  • Demographic: Global Theatrical Distribution / Television / Home Video / DVD
  • Status: In Development / Final Draft Available